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Dog Bites

Although many people are unaware of this information, if you were bitten by a dog, you have the right to seek legal assistance. Dog attacks may sometimes require elaborate medical treatment and care, coupled with a lengthy recovery time, which could affect the victim’s quality of life. I understand that any dog can bite you without warning and unprovoked. Nonetheless, it is within your legal rights to call a lawyer if a dog attacks you or a loved one.

Dealing with the aftereffects of a dog attack can be somewhat difficult. After a dog attack, I advise that you reach out to animal control, contact the local law authorities, and speak to any witnesses who saw the incident. Reaching animal control right after the attack helps you with proper documentation, which is vital in building your case. Contact information for the dog’s owner and a medical report will also be necessary, depending on the severity of the attack. I am experienced in negotiation, mediation, and compensation claims. I believe that clients who have been attacked by a dog and wish to sue should not have to go through that process alone, especially with little or no guidance.

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